Do you have to find temporary workers as fast as possible?

Do you face with hiring one, ten or hundreds of extra people?

How challenging can it be to immediately contact individual staff members?

“Before the events, we had to make hundreds of phone calls for getting temporary work force. Now the robot manages the phone calls and our small team can focus on the essentials”

Lisa Mandy, Event Promoter

Automated Employee Calling Service

Effectively send out a Fjango Call alerting your employees of shifts that are currently available.

Fjango eliminates manual phone calls and expedites scheduling. The right employees are contacted in the right order, and all communications are automatically documented.


Hire temporary workers fast with Fjango

  • If you have a list of the prospects in you registry, you are ready to start automated hiring process with Fjango righ away.
  • If you need 3 chefs out of your 100 prospects, Fjango will send automated voice calls until it has found 3 chefs for you.
  • If the prospect does not answer to the phone call, or is not available for the job, the next available employee is identified.
  • Once Fjango has found the staff needed, it will stop the calling process.

Easy And Fast To Use

  • Write the description of the job and set a start time*

  • Chooce the prospect groups

  • See the results

* You can use our Text to Speech (TTS) engine to create the voice files, or you can use your own recordings.

All reports and statistics are up to date at Fjango’s reporting tool.

Easier than writing an email

Safe Your Valuable Time – Start Now