Increase debt recovery rates

Reduce collection time and costs

Improve collection outcomes with Fjango

“With Fjango, we immediately saw an increase in collections. Before we deployed Fjango we were doing everything manually”

Irina Häkkinen, Secretary, Vapemaster

Automated Payment Reminders

  • Fjango Collector is an intelligent way you recover past due payments
  • Our service is designed to help customers reduce costs, and more quickly receive settlements
  • You can accelerate your cash flow and reduce the number of accounts that go to collections

Collect more using fewer resources

  • By automating the collections process in early delinquency, your company can allocate collectors to higher-risk accounts
  • You can send a payment reminders by voice, text, and email
  • Fjango will reduce the overall cost of maintaining large number of personnel for doing the same task manually

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Automate embarrassing jobs

The automated service your customers like to deal with, instead of dealing with an human agent.

If the payment reminder is done by human agent, your customers might feel uncomfortable with the knowledge that other person too know their secrets of not paying bills.

Outbound IVR for reminding of pending payment would not embarrass your customers so much as a call from human agent would.

Fjango COLLECTOR is the soft way

Simply upload your list, record a message or use text-to-speech, and schedule when you want to remind your customers.

For outbound calls, you can send out an interactive voice call to past due accounts that provide the recipient with the option to use touch tones for making payment plan, or for directly speaking to a collections.

If an interactive voice message is not answered, you can shifts channels, using SMS or email to send a payment reminder.